by Maria Victoria Navajas Claros


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In the modern context, standard policies of deception result in consequences much more far-reaching and deadly than the expected government playground bullying behaviors and corruption they cultivate.

Weapons research (including nuclear, technological, and biowarfare) and the subterfuge “necessary” for their functioning are hidden under an archaic 25 to 100-year classification blanket of secrecy. This is not a viable or safe practice in modern times.

We now have the volatile mix of advanced weapons research and technology, combined with a persistent corruption of government that we have not yet learned how to adequately control.

Due to this highly problematic combination, there is a very significant concern regarding the implementation of strategies and weapons technology that can maim or eradicate a majority of the world population before the public has permission to know and reasonably respond accordingly for self-preservation.

Forget the sanctity of classification. What is going on behind it is thinning us out, and it will only get worse.

To honor, protect, and fund something that is actively harming us is insanity. Before the rule of government comes the rule of life. If no one lives, there won’t be a government to protect.

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